Shelfmint has re-invented product distribution.  Shelfmint helps specialty, food, and beverage brands reach the shelves of thousands of food and grocery stores and specialty retailers without the need of a distributor, broker or middleman; decreasing the average price of products, making it less expensive for the end customer.

After listing a product on Shelfmint, retailers can discover and purchase cases directly from Shelfmint’s Web app.  
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We take care of the whole process for you: Introducing your brand to relevant retailers, processing the payment of the orders placed for your products, and transporting your goods (including refrigerated, frozen, or perishable) directly to the store’s location.

How it works

  • An on-demand shipping platform capable of shipping as little as 1 case quantities FOB.
  • Savings on distributor deductions.
    • We had a novel idea; don’t steal from brands. Distributors levy nefarious fees and rigorously financial engineer their terms so they are more complicated than a variable rate mortgages. Shelfmint doesn’t take cash discounts and then pay on terms. We pay you when we say we will pay you. Seriously. Distributors absorb dollars the brand allocates for marketing services so the retailer earns a lower number of dollars, and the marketing, overall, is much less impactful.
  • Access to aggregated independent stores.
    • Shelfmint is a sweet solution for brands who are big enough to be on a retailer’s radar, but not big enough to go in the distributor’s warehouse.
  • Turnkey, full-line authorization.
    • Small, newer brands, with lower budgets, are able to get into stores that they would not be able to access with traditionally high slotting fees at the distribution level (a distributor could charge a brand up to $10,000 to carry just one SKU).
  • Deep and creative incentives. And we’re more than happy to compensate you for referrals! Please ask your Community Manager!
  • Reporting on sales by store, by category.
  • Faster speed to shelf vs slow-to-shelf.
  • More control.
    • In the current system, once the vendor gets approved (which could take weeks to months,) let the ass-kissing begin. With Shelfmint, you have the control! No ass-kissing, guaranteed.
  • Digital Marketing Services
    • Vendors can drive social traffic to their branded pages and into stores looking for that specific brand.
    • Using Shelfmint, brands have many less decision makers and can focus on quality and reliability. Currently, too many people have to execute to get you to shelf.
  • The people currently responsible for this process do not have any incentive to make the process more efficient.
  • Customer Service.
    • Shelfmint’s goal is to provide a cutting edge technology backed with personalized customer service. We will help you unlock the power of the Internet-based distribution with the ease of changing your socks.
  • No Exclusivity.
    • We don’t ask for an exclusive. Use Shelfmint to find new retailers and get your products on shelves all over the United States. You make great products and we, hopefully, make a great technology. Together, we will reinvent product distribution!
  • Custom Retailer Recommendations
    • Leveraging our proprietary recommendation engine, when a product that matches a retailer’s criteria is added to the Shelfmint platform, an email automatically will be sent to relevant retailers to introduce your product.
    • New products will also get exposure on a special section on Shelfmint’s home page so they will be easily accessible to all retailers visiting the website.

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