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Shelfmint has re-invented product distribution. Retailers can discover and purchase hot and trending food, beverage, and specialty brands directly from the vendor. Retailers no longer have to rely on distributors to purchase products! Shelfmint focuses on specialty, emerging and craft food and beverage lines that are mainstays for middle market households and millennials looking for new finds, form, and function. Retailers can request sample cases and purchase goods at direct prices, rather than the mark-ups and fees charged by distributors.

Shelfmint has simplified the process of discovering and purchasing products, tracking orders, mobile online re-ordering and consolidated delivery of your items directly to your store.

  • A Web app for food retailers to discover and purchase new and unique food and specialty brands, directly from the brand.
  • Shelfmint is the alternative to the nefarious practices of your distributor; a way around onerous contracts and fees.
  • An on-demand shipping platform capable of shipping as little as 1 case quantities FOB. Savings, reliability and lower SRPs! (Shipments that don’t come with a fuel surcharge bill.)
  • Shelfmint has partnered with the largest and most reliable carriers and 3PL providers to ensure damage free, timely, responsible – and consolidated - delivery. (If a vendor is out of inventory and does not update the Shelfmint app, the retailer receives a 100% refund from Shelfmint.)
  • Retailers will earn a much greater share of promotional dollars. Using Shelfmint, promotional budget allocation goes directly to the retailer without meddling or financial engineering by the distributor.
  • Retailers are offered a custom shopping experience based on geo-targeted shopping trends in their DMA. Bottom line; you’ll know what people in your neighborhood are buying. Leveraging scan and social data from Shelfmint’s platform, along with data on individual retailer purchases from their co-op, and a huge proprietary set of consumer preference data, Shelfmint knows and sources the best selling products from the hottest and fastest growing categories.
  • Product diversity is critical. We have all learned from Netflix. One of the main reasons people started to use Netflix was that regardless of how obscure the title was, Netflix had it. Shelfmint makes it possible for retailers to tap into the long tail of the consumer preference spectrum, which is another way to create loyalty to a retailer’s store and banner.
  • Consumers want a story when they shop. The consumer’s value of the retail experience is changing and increasing dramatically. Shelfmint helps retailers grow and cross-over so they have the right products at the right time – freeing the retailer to focus on an in-store experience that keeps customers coming back.
  • Access to the best selling and highly diverse items and brands at scale. Shelfmint is focused on a curated ecosystem of organic, craft, healthy, natural, small batch, new-to-market, trending and other relevant lines. Retailers will discover new brands and always rely on leading rank and file category components, enabling retailers to buy a higher percentage of products from Shelfmint – therefore making Shelfmint more of a critical purchase and not just another place to buy specialty and long-tail items from.
  • Significant cost savings. Since the retailer is purchasing directly from the vendor, and Shelfmint leverages its deep partnership with UPS and other carriers to reduce the costs of packing, shipping, storage, transport and delivery of merchandise; Shelfmint’s delivered price, its EDDC (‘everyday direct cost’), is usually lower priced than goods currently shipped by distributors.
  • Shelfmint’s quarterly ‘No Show Food Show’. Monthly Training Webinars.

Thanks to our proprietary software system, when a product that matches a retailer’s criteria is added to the Shelfmint platform, the retailer will automatically receive an email. In that way, you only receive information about products you are interested in while staying updated with all the new brands registering on Shelfmint.

If you like a product, you can easily search for other product lines from the same manufacturer, reorder with just one click, and request sample cases before placing an order to make sure that the product meets high quality standards.

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